The joys of backyard birds

I am always reminded of the joys of backyard birding.

White-breasted Nuthatch (above)

Besides being a real great first step for non- birders, setting up a bird feeder really lets you study wild birds much more closely, even without binoculars or a scope. If you have a sketchbook, the birds usually stick around the food source, so they are easier to sketch and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

People sometimes get tired of backyard birds because they’re too “normal” for them. Well, despite backyard birds usually being really cool, you never know when something unusual will show up.  On irruptive years you might suddenly find your feeders are full of purple finches or siskins. Even things like finding your first backyard junco of the season can cause excitement.

If you dont already have one, I strongly advise you get a feeder. To go even further with backyard birding, you can join project feederwatch, a national citizen science project run by the Cornell lab of Ornithology. For more information, look them up online.

Remember, having a feeder brings nature closer to home!

One response to “The joys of backyard birds

  1. I think we need a feeder at our house now. I will definitely try and keep reading your blog, so keep up the good work. 囧

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