A wet Barnacle!

Well, I’ve finally gotten my nemesis bird! With almost no hope I went back to Longshore Country Club in Westport, even though it was pouring torrentially. We skirted the hunkered down geese flocks for a while, and were just about to move on when my dad said-“I got it!”

We immediately set up the scope, and sure enough, among all the Canadas was a beautiful adult Barnacle Goose! Wow. It was a stunning bird, but the rain was torrential and we couldn’t stay long because our lenses were getting soaked. But I got some pics, even though there pretty bad.

A Barnacle Goose!

A Barnacle from behind. Note the gray back.

A blurry picture of the Barnacle showing its head

We Also relocated the Cackling Goose.

Cackling Goose and Canadas

So, finally the wild goose chase payed off!

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