2010 wrap up – 2011 begins with a bang!

So, it’s that time of year again!  We are leaving the old year behind and welcoming in the new one.  2010 was a very successful year, not in bird quantity, as I did not see a huge number of species (261) but in quality the year was excellent.  I saw many great birds on my trip to Utah and Yellowstone National Park, and even more on our annual Cape May trip and our winter Brigantine outing.  Rarities in CT were also awesome, and now the state has a new accomplishment – the Connecticut Young Birders Club.  Through this group I think we will see some great birds and visit some great places.

As 2011 is here I am so excited for the Birding chances a new year offers.  I hope everyone had a wonderful, productive, (and birdy) year!

But enough about the old year.  I started my 2011 year list in the place I always do – Derry, NH.  My first bird was a Black-capped Chickadee, a good change from what it always has been, American Crow.  Today, January second, I went to Plum Island, a great birding place in Newburyport, MA.  After making a quick stop here on our way north I was excited to see what we could turn up with a much longer time to bird.  In truth, the conditions were horrible.  It was drizzling and there was thick fog, which cleared up later in the day. As we began scoping the sea from the beach we found most common sea ducks – but then the pace quickened as my dad spotted a Red-necked Grebe out in the fog, along with some Horned Grebes, who made the comparison and ID really easy.  This was a life bird and a great find – and it was only bird 20 on my year list!   As we were watching, two birds came into view really close to shore.  They instantly dove, but we saw the flick of the wings!  Sure enough when they popped up we had two Razorbills right off the beach!  A really nice find!  As we continued along the island our highlight was an immature Bald Eagle.

A Horned Grebe



The beautiful scenery of Plum Island



The cycle continues- a very dead Red-breasted Merganser

So, the year has begun.  I hope everyone can get out and bird this 2011!

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