Sherwood in the sleet

After our three day weekend, it looked like we were going back to school.  But then on Tuesday, icy roads caused the schools to close once more.  Now today, My school and my school only closed because of a broken pipe.  So that meant birding!  During my mom’s lunch break at work I swung by Sherwood despite sleety rain and slush covering the ground.  There were many sparrows in the brush,  highlighted by a couple American Tree Sparrows.  On the beach there were dozens of shorebirds, which let me get really close- Sanderlings, Ruddy Turnstones, and Dunlin.

A Ruddy Turnstone

It was then I noticed a strange gull on the jetty.  Same size as a Herring Gull, Black-back, yellow legs- It was a Lesser Black-backed Gull!  It was not a huge surprise, as one usually spends the winter here.  I had heard about it and went last week but couldn’t find it, and no more reports came in about it.  I’m glad I did this time though!  Just like last year, it gave great looks.

A LBBG and a HG comparison.

Days off are always good for some things!  Let’s just hope a summer vacation isn’t shortened…

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