More Microdigiscoping…

Today at Junior Staff we were dissecting not plants, but animals.  There was a wide variety of specimens to work on, from sea urchins and sea cucumbers to squid, frogs, tarantulas, lizards, and crayfish.  My friend Eli and I were working on a female anole.  It was really cool- we found unfertilized eggs and all sorts of organs.  These microdigiscoped pics are actually better than the ones I took last week.  I couldn’t get out birding today but I will probably go tomorrow.

A dead tarantula in a jar of formaldehyde. (not microdigiscoped)

The belly of an anole- the opening is where we were cutting it open.

Yes, your probably saying this is absolutely disgusting, but those are anole organs.

2 responses to “More Microdigiscoping…

  1. hey, this is a cool website. I can’t beleev u hav seen this many birds. it really cool.

    P.S. that anole’s guts are really gross


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