A slow day in Stratford

Today I went to many places around Stratford, but couldn’t turn up much.  Besides one YB I did get great views of many Sea Ducks, which came very close to shore in many locations.

Long-tailed Duck

Highlights below:

Lordship Marshes: 1 Northern Harrier

Long Beach: Gadwall, huge flocks of Brant.

The Seawall: Very close looks at Long-tailed Ducks and Red-throated Loon.

Stratford Point:  Large flocks of Common Goldeneye (no Barrow’s), American Wigeon and Snow Bunting.

Snow Buntings on the roof of the Stratford Point center.

Milford Point: Dunlin, almost 1,000 American Black Ducks, mating Common Goldeneye.

A Dunlin

Even for February it was pretty dead, but all the birds were out in the open and giving us time to look at them closely!

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