Some Interesting Grass Island Waterfowl

A belated post- On Sunday I swung by Grass Island in Greenwich with my dad, because he had seen some interesting waterfowl I wanted to see too, for the Year list and also just because they were beautiful birds.  Present were (only listing noteworthy species) Ruddy Duck, Canvasback, Lesser Scaup, Wood Duck, and American Coot.  Some Photos below, though they’re crummy.  My regular Camera’s having some technical difficulties.

A Canvasback swallowing some food

A female Wood Duck

An Adult and first-winter male Lesser Scaup

Probably the most unusual sighting was the Wood Duck, which was on saltwater, in the Harbor.  We also saw it perched on the bridge, though the pictures don’t show it.  Could it be it’s pond is frozen over completely?  With this weather, it may not be so much longer!

2 responses to “Some Interesting Grass Island Waterfowl

  1. Hello, it’s manuel from the cybc You know the one with the bad life list. nice birds at grass island How is it as a birding spot in the summer?

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