Hummingbird Cam- cool stuff

I just came across a really cool live video cam of nesting Allen’s Hummingbirds.  It shows the nest, a tiny little bowl of plant matter and stuff (characteristic of hummingbirds), and it has chicks in it, which are really cute.  if you watch long enough, an adult will show up and feed the babies, and its really cool to see it push the food down their throats.  The adult is so close…. it’s magenta gorget is popping out at you and every feather glistens.  Cool thing to see if you have the time… click here.


This might seem crazy, but there is going to be a birding movie.  The Big Year, which is based on the story of Sandy Komito, Greg Miller, and Al Levantin, is coming out in October and will be staring some pretty popular comedians- Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin.  Let’s just wait and see… knowing the actors, I’d say were in for a funny movie.

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