Mocking a… Killdeer!?

I just had a weird experience.  I was outside in my backyard and I heard the unmistakable call of a killdeer.  This was a bit of a shock, because I live in the suburbs, not Killdeer habitat.  I grabbed my bins and began scanning the neighboring yards lawns, but no black and white plover was in sight.  But there was a Mockingbird hopping around.  Hmmm… suddenly the mocker opened it’s beak and called.  Killdeeeer! Whoa!  How did a mockingbird learn a Killdeer’s call?  Could it have traveled from more open areas?  Any ideas?

One response to “Mocking a… Killdeer!?

  1. Don’t know an exact scientific answer but my mockers mimic killdeer all the time and i don’t really have killdeer here.


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