4/10/11- An early spring weekend


The weekend provided a lot of cool natural sights and a few year birds.  On saturday morning I was at Junior Staff.  We had quite an adventure dissecting a Long-tailed Weasel that one of the Junior Staffers had brought in.  We investigated the mysterious cause of it’s death, learned about it’s anatomy, and much more.

A dead Long-tailed Weasel

For the benefit of the faint-hearted I will not show any pictures of the actual dissection, because they are pretty gruesome.  It’s all for science though!

There was a ton of bird activity in the woods, including a bunch of Eastern Phoebes and the highlight, a single Winter Wren in the swamp.

Eastern Phoebe

A  brief stop at sherwood after revealed a gorgeous breeding plumage Common Loon.


The only real birding I could do was a outing to Marshlands, NY, which was a great choice.  Bunches of Northern Flickers foraged in the field along with Red-winged Blackbirds.  A large group of Wild Turkey displayed and ate around the feeders.

Turkeys at Marshlands

We went down to the shoreline where scoping turned up a bunch of year birds.  American Oystercatchers walked along the sandbars, Greater Yellowlegs flew among the marsh, and a single Snowy Egret stood on the beach.  There were also a lot of Great Egrets, 2 nesting Osprey and a Northern Gannet very close to shore.

OspreyI’m off to Cape Cod next week.  I’ll be righting when I get back!

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