Westport Tricolered and others…

Yesterday, before I had to work at the Earthplace Green Fair most of the day, I swung by Longshore with my dad to see if I could see the reported Tricolered Heron there, a bird I had only seen once before.  We didn’t have to search long, and soon were looking at a beautiful Tricolered Heron.  This is an uncommon bird to CT, though it normally comes north in the summer months to about Northern New Jersey.

A poor photo of the Tricolered Heron

We kept driving around the coastal areas of westport, picking up a couple Year Shorebirds, and then moved on to Earthplace, where we birded a bit before I had to get to work.

There were NO warblers in the woods, which was pretty weird, but we did find a couple Scarlet Tanagers, Broad-winged Hawks, Great-crested Flycatchers, and a Catbird.

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