An Owl Nest, an Early Bird, and some other guys

Today, after a Horseshoe crab banding class at the Bruce Museum, My dad and I went off to look at a Great-horned Owl nest at a secret spot in Greenwich (not Greenwich point).  But, before hand, we swung by Bruce Park, which occasionally gets some nice stuff.  We were soon looking at a Northern Parula, which was at the head of a decent warbler wave that encircled the main pond.  It was almost all Yellow-rumped and Yellow Warblers, but we were able to get great looks at a Warbling Vireo, the best I’ve ever had of this species.

But our biggest surprise was a beautiful Blackpoll Warbler.  These birds are usually considered late migrants, and as far as I know my dad and I reported one of the first in CT for 2011.

We then moved on to the Owl nest.  We got great looks at the fledgling and an Adult Great-horned Owl  who was patrolling the area.

A pretty good photo of a Great-Horned Owl

The fledgling in it's nest- a cavity in a dead tree

Peeking out

It was a pretty cool sight.

I also wanted to tell everyone that I am doing the World Series of Birding…. sort of.  The kids in the CYBC will know I was trying to get a team together, but because it didn’t look like that was going to happen, I tried to find another team.  Finally, my Dad and I got on team of Steve Quinn, who is a great Jersey birder and has been leading Central Park bird walks for countless years.  As he and my dad are good friends, it was looking good… until, because of some planning uncertainty, we missed the registration deadline.  But that didn’t stop us.  We are still doing a New Jersey big day on the same day, with the same rules, and finishing in the same place as the WSB, and even better- the next day we’ll be in Cape May for the Red Knot/ Horseshoe Crab spectacle.  I’m really excited.  My 2 goals are Chuck-wills Widow and King Rail, birds I really want to see.

2 responses to “An Owl Nest, an Early Bird, and some other guys

  1. Ahhhh, lucky, I wanted to do the world series of birding so badly!! Good luck, it should be awesome.


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