Back from Olympic

Well, I’m back.  I’m back from an awesome trip to the Olympic Peninsula (and surrounding areas).  The trip was very succsessful, and I scored all three goal birds I had set for the trip.  The only downside was the quantity, not the quality, because I missed some northwest birds I should have seen this time of year.   This was mainly because I spent a lot of time birding in the thick Olympic forest, where you don’t see many birds, only hear them, and my song identification for the trip was far from perfect.

But first, some background.  I went on this trip with the Earthplace Junior Staff, a nature program that I am in.  Seven other kids (range 11-18) and myself, along with our leaders Grit Ardwin and my dad ventured off to see and experience he natural wonders of the northwest corner of the state.  All of the kids are really into Nature, whether it be Geology or Ecology or just plain Nature photography, so we were investigating all of the natural wonders around us.  I had an awesome time with all of them, as we all went through various adventures.  And who couldn’t enjoy the scenery?  To be truthful, I could have gone just to sightsee, though of course birding always takes the upper hand.

Our itinerary:

Day 1:  Nisqually NWR

Day 2:  Mt Rainier Nat. Park

Day 3: Olympic Nat. Park beaches, Hoh rainforest (Olympic Nat. Park)

Day 4:  Mt. St. Helens

Day 5:  Hurricane Ridge (Olympic Nat. Park), Cape Flattery

Day 6: home

Sure the trip was a bit short, but with a lot of driving we managed to see a lot.   Thank you to Grit for Organizing the trip, and Dad for being the other adult leader.

I’ll write a detailed trip report with photos, but it will take a while.  I’ll try to have it up by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

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