Birding Northwest Washington- Day 4- Mt. St. Helens

Day 4, though birding was of course present, produced more scenery then it did birds.  Amazingly, I didn’t see any life birds.  The highlights were- White-crowned Sparrow, Common Nighthawk, Black-headed Grosbeak, and American Kestrel.

But what St. Helens lacked in avian life in made up for in scenery.  The volcano still showed obvious signs of the 1980 eruption, and it was an incredible example of how fast an area could change.  I don’t have much time , so I’ll put all my words into pictures.

The Valley beneath the Volcano

Clouds covering the crater

The barren land along the Hummocks Trail

The barren land at Johnston Ridge

An area sculpted by the eruption

But life is coming back...

The only things missing were the dragons and orcs- We were in middle-earth, right?

2 responses to “Birding Northwest Washington- Day 4- Mt. St. Helens

  1. Actually, we did have a brief glimpse of an orc on the hummock trail- not a lifer, though, since we also saw one in Ireland (and I don’t think the two populations have been split yet.).
    -your geeky dad

  2. Haha love this Brendan! It really does look like Middle-earth, especially at the summit! I was lucky enough to go the very summit of Mt. Saint Helens last year as part of my trip, and it really does look like Mordor, devoid of birds of course, unless you count the Gray-crowned Rosy-finches at the top.


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