Cape May Photos

Because it looks like I won’t have time to write a detailed Cape May report from Labor Day Weekend, I’ll tell the story in photos.  Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of the trip’s highlight, Brown Booby, but most of the others I did.  Here is the story in pictures…

A Bonaparte's Gull at the meadows our night of arrival

Birds weren't the only thing at Higbee the following morning...


Forster's Terns watched us while we watched the Brown Booby at Jarvis Sound

Another Forster's, this time in the marsh behind Jarvis

A "Western" Willet in the same marsh- note the thick bill

Least Terns were there too...

As were Black Tern

A Northern Shoveler at the State Park

Royal Tern

A SANDWICH TERN in the same tern flock

Royal and Sandwich Terns

A Lesser-black Backed Gull, a tough call. Besides the mud colored back the small size was apparent too.

Don't you just love Skimmers...

What a crazy looking bird....from a crazy view!

Eastern Kingbirds were hanging around the Hawkwatch Platform

GW Teal at the meadows. Chris Vogel had some very cool tips about identifying teal.

A great day of birding at a close...

Dawn at the State Park

Tree Swallows were staging....

White-rumped Sandpiper


A nice look at a Blue Grosbeak, though unfortunately not an adult male.

The rest of the day was devoted to kayaking the marshes from Jake's Landing to the Delaware Bay. This was a very fun and adventurous journey, though tiring, and although not being very birdy, there were a lot of Black Terns. .

Our last morning in Cape May found us at Sunset Beach...

...where, as always, there were lots of Laughing Gulls!

On to Brigantine... (there are lots of Laughing Gulls here, too.)


Spotted Sandpiper

A poor picture of a Caspian Tern in with BB Plovers

Leaving Brig, and the end of a great trip....

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