10/30- After the snow

Last night the snow was still falling, blanketing the ground.  Happy Halloween!  Yeah, I know, crazy.  Snow in October.  Around here, even snow in November is unusual, so this storm was very rare for us.  What made it even more weird was the fact that leaves are still on most trees, and some of the foliage still green.  So seeing the trees still like that but blanketed with a layer of snow was a strange sight.  Yesterday, during the snow, the feeders were hopping, and I didn’t go out.

Today though, dad and I went birding locally, hitting 14-acre Pond and Sherwood Island.  At the pond there were, as expected, lots of waterfowl around, though suprisingly no Wood Ducks, the first time I’ve been here and not seen any.  However, there were Ring-necked Ducks, Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, American Wigeon, American Black Ducks, and the highlight, a Pied-billed Grebe.  In the parking lot we were surprised to see 4 American Pipits, which flew over and joined another flock on the baseball field.  I didn’t expect to see these guys here, in a very much wooded area.

14-acre Pond

We moved on to Sherwood Island.  Here there was a ton of bird activity.  Highlights below-

Lapland Longspur-1   The highlight here, we found a single bird foraging among a group of Killdeers.

American Pipit- 150!   Pipits were everywhere!  In the field within the traffic circle, where there were a number of large puddles, Pipits literally covered the ground.  150 may be a low estimate!

White-winged Scoter- 6

Red-breasted Merganser– 7, all females.

Northern Harrier– 3

Horned Grebe– 3

Lesser Yellowlegs– 8

Greater Yellowlegs– 13

Forster’s Tern– 3

Lapland Longspur

One of 150 pipits

Ruddy Turnstones

A nice October day!


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