An assorted quiz…

I realized I haven’t done a quiz in a while, so I went through the photos on my computer and picked a few images.  Some of these are actually really old.  Leave your answers in the comments, number by number.





# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

These last 2 are not wild.  They are NA raptors from a raptor show, in flight.

# 7

# 8

Hope you enjoyed it!

– Brendan

6 responses to “An assorted quiz…

  1. Here are my guesses,

    1-White-winged Scoter
    2-Piping Plover
    3-Long-billed Dowitchers
    I’m still working on 4
    5-Marbled Godwit
    6-Blue-headed Vireo
    Still working on 7
    8-Aplomado Falcon

    Great Quiz Brendan!

  2. Good quiz! Most of these are probably wrong, didn’t spend much time on them:
    1. White-winged Scoter
    2.Piping Plover
    3. Dowitchers?
    4. Hudsonian Godwit?
    5.Marbled Godwit
    6. Hutton’s Vireo
    7. Snail Kite?
    8. Not sure-Merlin?


  3. Nice job with this one Brendan! A nice set of challenging photos!

    1. White-winged Scoter
    2. Piping Plover
    3. Limnodromus sp. (I’m leaning towards SB on the left bird)
    4. Willet
    5. Marbled Godwit
    6. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
    7. Harris’s Hawk (tail shape, white band on the rectrices, broad wings near body)
    8. Peregrine Falcon


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