1/8- Yellow-throated Warbler

Today, while passing through Madison, Dad and I made a run for the Yellow-throated Warbler which has been frequenting the feeder of a house there.  The bird has apparently been seen there since October, and the feeder has obviously been a reliable food source for this bird to remain into the winter.

It was a really easy twitch- we arrived and the feeders were hopping, and a few other birders there said they had seen the bird a little while ago but it had not returned since.  Well, I turned around and there was the bird perched on a tree limb at the edge of the woods, with it’s throat literally glowing.  The gorgeous Yellow-throated Warbler  continued to fly down into a winterberry thicket a few yards away from us, providing awesome views, before flying to eat at the feeder, where it remained for a few minutes before flying back into the woods.  I managed two crummy photos-

Yellow-throated Warbler


Now I have to find time to go for the Pink-footed Goose….

– BM

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