A New Camera and an Iceland Gull

The photography on this blog will be a great deal better from now, thanks to Keith Mueller.  He was kind enough to donate to me a DSLR camera, something I have wanted for a long time.  Not only that, the camera, which he had no need for and which is in ideal condition, has a 300mm lens attached- making the bird photography I am used to a whole lot different.  Again, Keith, thank you so much.

So, today I met him at Circle Beach in Madison to pick up the Camera.  The beach has recently been home to a beautiful, adult Iceland Gull which is very cooperative and lets birders get close.  There were a ton of Gulls on the beach today, but we found the bird and spent some time clicking away at the Iceland Gull.  The beach was also not bad for raptors- a Red-shouldered Hawk flew over at one point, causing the Gulls to go crazy, and on our way out an adult Bald Eagle flew over the road.

Feast your eyes on this Iceland Gull!

iceland Gull

Look at the pale Tertials and Primaries...

And overall a paler Gull among the Herrings and Ring-bills

Also notice the rounder head and softer expression

Look at the obvious absence of black on the wings....

... hence the term "White-winged" Gull

The Iceland

Bald Eagle... (sorry, I got some dirt on the lens)

Obviously my photos will be much better from now on!

Thanks again Keith!

– BM

2 responses to “A New Camera and an Iceland Gull

  1. Wow! I’ve always been impressed with your photos, but now….wowee!!! What a generous gift that you will surely make good use of! Good work on the sightings. Keep it up! Love the eagle!

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