Weekend Birds

This past weekend has produced some nice sightings, made even better now that I have the ability to snap away and get awesome results.  Having a DSLR makes such a difference, though I am still trying to digiscope when it seems fit.  Here are some photos of the weekends birds…

Earthplace in Westport has a resident flock of Black Vultures that hang around the raptor cages and are very tame.  This is definitely the most reliable spot in Connecticut to see Black Vultures, in my experience.

One of the very tame Black vultures

At Sherwood Island there has been a Snow Goose hanging out within the main rotary circle, allowing beautiful looks.

Snow Goose

Konold’s Pond in Woodbridge has been home to a pair of Trumpeter Swans for the past month or so.  These birds are most likely from the introduced midwest population, which isn’t countable by the CT records committee, but nonetheless they are still fully wild and very unusual in the northeast.  When we first arrived the birds were hidden behind foliage, but a very nice lady let us onto her lawn which gave us a clear view of the pair.

One of the 2 Trumpeter Swans

A Mute Swan investigates

Look at the size difference between the 2 species!

Overall a really nice few birds, and I had a lot of fun photographing them!

– BM

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