A quiz to start off the year…

I’ve seriously failed at updating this blog, sadly.  I have been birding, of course, but my fall was hectic and I really did not have the time to do the birding I should have done.  Through high school drumline, family, friends, and other commitments, birding time this past autumn was there, but limited.  I managed to pull out 2 lifers during its course – a Leach’s Storm Petrel on the LIS after Hurricane Sandy, and White-winged Crossbill early into this irruption.

Thankfully, my free time has increased a little lately, so hopefully birding will continue to pick up.  I had a fabulous kickoff day on the 1st (see my year list), so expect more out of this blog throughout 2013.  Not only birding too- my expanding interest in being a well rounded naturalist means I will post about all sorts of natural goodies.  But here is a quick photo quiz, pretty easy, but acceptable.  Leave your answer in the comments.


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